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"Why can't I buy any Drew & Mike Podcast swag?"

Your'e probably wondering why you can only purchase a CD on this site.  The reason is the Drew & Mike Podcast store is only open during select times of the year.  The most recent sale shut down on April 25th of 2017. We sell (almost) everything on a pre-sale basis, so we shut the site down, process your orders, produce the items, then ship them out all at once. So, if you're looking to purchase a Drew & Mike Podcast item, unfortunately you will have to wait until the next sale.  The good news is we plan on coming out with a brand new round of merchandise around August/September 2017!  Hopefully you can #KeepItStiff until then!

"Why do you only pre-sell items?"

The reason we use a pre-sale method is because this is the most effective & cost efficient way to produce new & fresh designs without having to manage inventory.  In other words, we don't want a bunch of t-shirts in our garage that didn't sell.  This also allows us to create cool new items each season!

"How does this "pre-sale" method work?"

How it works is we open up the online store during a select period of time.  Usually for a week/week & a half.  During that time we take your orders & payments.  Once we shut the site down,  we process your orders, produce the the items, & finally ship them out.  Customers normally receive their items about a week after the site shuts down (depending on location).  If you order on the 1st day of the sale or the last day of the sale, all of our transactions are processed at the same time, so we appreciate your patience & support! If you have any other questions, please contact Joe at drewandmikestore@gmail.com #KeepItStiff

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